Why You Should Own a Tumbler For Your Business


A tumbler is also known as a beer hugger or a totesaver. It is an inexpensive, small sized, disposable cooler designed to hold either one or two six-ounce pours of liquid. The term “tumbler” is derived from the fact that the dispenser looks like a beer mug with a tall, thin neck and a round, wide-sized mouth. While tumblers have been around for decades, they are becoming increasingly popular with the advent of kegerators. This means that generators can contain larger quantities of liquid, but at a higher cost of operation.


Tumblers are an excellent and very convenient way of storing kegs and other keg-friendly goods in the office or work area. They can be used as a generator, which means it can store your keg at the business premises, on the property or in your garage. In this manner, you can enjoy your draft beer at home, without having to worry about kegging. You’ll also save on refrigerator space, since the tumbler has no cabinet space of its own. This will free up your refrigeration unit or the space under your counter.


One advantage to using a tumbler in your business, instead of a cooler, is that the tumbler won’t attract any unwanted attention from neighbors or the office staff. Chances are, you’ll be the only business owner in the building with one. If anyone else has one, they probably won’t even know it’s there.

Many business owners use tumbler coolers for sales calls. Instead of having a large cooler sitting outside on the sales floor, they keep the call on the inside. They can keep the client’s attention focused on the tumbler rather than an open picnic table or a hot dog. Not only can the sales impact sales, but the customer may not feel comfortable answering the phone when it’s hot outside. He or she might want to continue talking on the phone while the sun is glaring through the window.


A tumbler can come in handy if you have meetings at the office. Rather than having the entire conference room shaded, the tumbler can help make it less so. People will be able to hear and you won’t have to yell to be heard over the chatter. It can be distracting to have to shout if you’re trying to communicate over the lunch break.

As you can see, a tumbler can be very versatile in your business. There are plenty of uses for this nifty little cooler, whether you own a restaurant, work at home, or both. If you’ve never owned one before, you should definitely invest in one. They are inexpensive and serve many purposes. Your customers will love them, and you’ll love your bottom line!

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