Why Marijuana Businesses Should Consider Investing in Advertising Through Popular Websites

The cannabis business is growing rapidly

The United States, especially in the states of Colorado, California, Maryland, Maine, and Washington. In a recent article by Marijuana Business News, Tom Angell, CEO of Leaf Consultants stated “we believe that we are on the cusp of a major shift in societal attitudes toward this plant”. This is true, as polls show strong support for legalization of adult use in all fifty states across the country. Even in traditionally red state Maryland, where the legislature is blocking the implementation of a medical marijuana program, voters are steadily turning to the “pro-weed” side. However, the federal government continues to maintain its position on the illegality of the drug.

The “cannabis industry” is projected to grow five percent in annual revenues over the next five years. This amount is nearly twice the size of the legal cannabis industry in California alone, which leads many to believe that the business has already begun to impact California’s home sales. Currently, the state’s only cannabis store currently allows customers to purchase pot from a licensed retailer. Due to pressure from local municipalities, which fear the cannabis business will be seen as a means of bringing more criminals into the neighborhood, cities are now attempting to force these stores to comply with their anti-pot initiative.

Vaporizer and Edibles entrepreneurs face a different set of business

Thanks to the efforts of local municipalities, cannabis shops that wish to remain open must move into compliance with their local governments. If they choose to fight this new legislation, they may find that they are immediately sanctioned and shut down by their local municipalities. Many local municipalities have passed laws that require businesses that distribute or sell cannabis to display the logo of a cannabis brand on the storefront windows and faces. If a cannabis shop wishes to remain open, it may be forced to change the design of their branding, and it could become quite costly to create a new, unique logo.

Concerns than other retailers. In addition to complying with local ordinances, Vaporizers and Edibles Manufacturers must also secure an exclusive trademark for their products. Brands that are “generic” may not have the same appeal to customers, who are looking for high quality, personalized products that deliver high potency without the potency. In addition to working with trademark attorneys to secure a unique brand, Vaporizers and Edibles Manufacturers may also have to face stiff competition from online businesses that have entered the e-commerce market and who have the resources necessary to launch a successful online marketing campaign in order to take advantage of the unique opportunity afforded to them by the cannabis industry. Since many Vaporizers and Edibles Manufacturers operate online, a strong online presence is crucial in order to gain a solid customer base and solidify a reputation in the marketplace.

One way that many Vaporizers and Edibles Manufacturers are getting creative is by launching exciting social media

Social media allows new and established businesses to interact with existing customers and potential future customers on a one-to-one basis. By creating a presence on popular social networking sites such as Facebook, Google+ and Twitter, vaporizers and edibles manufacturers can reach a targeted audience of buyers who are interested in what they have to offer. These customers are already accustomed to purchasing products online, so having a presence on these popular platforms gives them a chance to learn more about the product and how it works from the perspective of a consumer. Having the capacity to engage their customers and turn them into regular, repeat customers is important for a Company’s longevity and success.

If you are an entrepreneur looking to incorporate cannabis into your business but do not know where to begin in terms of getting the name of your brand out in the public eye, it is recommended that you consider investing in advertising through popular online platforms. Advertising is a key element to any business venture and the world of cannabis has become very popular online. By investing in advertising online through trusted and popular websites, such as Blazed, you can ensure that your company will be seen by a wide audience. Advertising is a vital part of growing any business, but especially in the world of medical marijuana where being recognized is an important goal.

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