What Are the Three Types of Body Armor?

high caliber firearms and handgun

Body armor is vital protection equipment for law enforcement officers. Although there currently isn’t any such thing as bulletproof body armor, protective body armor will protect an officer against a variety of high caliber firearms and handgun. Body armor is made from thick, reinforced nylon or similar materials. Often the material is covered with ballistic nylon to increase the overall thickness. This armor often includes padding in key areas such as the chest, thighs, and groin.

Many officers carry both their duty belt and a pistol on them at all times. Often they must draw and fire their weapon immediately after arriving on scene to provide cover for other officers and the public. In these cases, being bulletproof does not always make the best option. There are other options that give the officer more protection without adding weight to the gun. Using body armor allows these officers the option of wearing more gear, including heavy duty gloves, while still being protected from handguns.

type of armor and how it is used by law enforcement officers

Body armor has become much more common among law enforcement personnel in recent years due to advances in technology and design. There are three different styles of body armor that law enforcement personnel are commonly asked to wear. Each has its own strengths and weaknesses. This article briefly discusses each type of armor and how it is used by law enforcement officers.

The traditional style of armor includes padding made from a thick nylon, which is then stitched into the police equipment. Although this is one of the most highly recommended forms of protection, it is also the heaviest of all. Most officers also purchase pepper spray or a stun gun to carry around in their belt holsters. These devices are much lighter than their predecessors, but pack just as much protection. Because officers must continually holster their personal protective equipment, it is important that they buy body armor that is comfortable and easy to put on and remove. When an officer can carry it comfortably, and without any additional bulk or difficulty, then it is much more likely that he or she will choose to wear it instead of the more cumbersome traditional jackets and vests.

Police grade Rucksacks and ballistic nylon vest

A second style of body armor is made from thicker material and is known as pistol vests. They are typically found on rifles and shotguns because they give the user added protection against the pellets fired from the weapon. Although they are heavier than the rucksacks found on Rifles and Shotguns, they are much easier to put on and take off. Police grade Rucksacks and ballistic nylon vest models are also available for use with a rifle or shotgun.

The third, and probably the most unique armor model available to law enforcement personnel, are the soft tactical vest. Soft tactical vests are built specifically for use with light-duty assault rifles and shotguns. Although most have little to no padding, they do offer a high degree of protection against all kinds of hits, including those from handguns and shotguns. Because of this, they are among the most popular among officers who must carry firearms on a daily basis, and they have become even more popular after the creation of the new National Security Force (NSAF)

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