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Glasses Wearers Guide

Every time I see someone with big thick glasses on, I ask him if he wears glasses or contacts. Usually, he answers that he wears contacts because his glasses make it difficult for him to read or drive. That’s when I start laughing thinking of all those beautiful women who wear glasses, but none of them can drive due to their large eyeglasses. They’re just not able to concentrate on the road, that’s why they wear contacts.


Indeed, some people cannot function without contact lenses

but that does not mean that glasses are a must. You should know that wearing glasses does not increase the visibility of your eyes, neither do they make you less intelligent. The best glasses for glasses wearers are those that fit perfectly on your nose and have a high prescription – usually between -3 and -4 diopters. A higher number corresponds to a stronger prescription needed for reading or driving.


There are several types of glasses wearers

and it all depends on what activity they do – if you have to wear protective face masks, it all boils down to the type of work you do. One popular style of glasses wearers is the safety glasses, which come in two pieces and are secured by a clip. This type of safety glasses can either be worn over your eyes or completely. The safety glasses are perfect when you need to protect your eyes from the fumes of an industrial place or another such dangerous environment.


Safety glasses are also great

for sports, outdoor activities, etc, when you need to protect your eyes from flying debris, splinters, dust, wind, or anything else that might harm your eyes. Some people like to wear sunglasses while playing sports and other outdoor activities. And if you like to read a lot, then you should definitely try to get a pair of reading glasses that you can easily slip on and off your eyes with no hassle. People who work in dark rooms without any sun exposure need these sunglasses, as their eyes need protection from the UV rays that come from the sun. These glasses wearers are generally required to wear protective eye shields.


Fogged reading glasses?

If you need fogged glasses, then you are definitely a glasses wearer yourself. Most people wear glasses to protect their eyes from too much sunlight entering their eyes and mistaking it as a migraine. The fogged lenses can easily be wiped away, but not if they are glued to your frames. So if you have to wear sunglasses, fogging ones, then get some plastic ones instead of the designer ones. You can easily find these at a nearby optical store.


And last but not least, some simply love their nose rings

Whether it is for fashion or because of religious considerations, most people wear nose rings to add a little flair to their otherwise plain appearances. A wide variety of nose ring colors are available, and you can even use customized face coverings to complement your unique look. If you have a pierced nose, then you can use nose ring adhesive to make sure your ring stays in place throughout the day. If you don’t have pierced nose, then just check out the many different types of nose ring bandings that are available in the market today.

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