Understanding How Contact Lenses Cost

Contact Lenses are available in two different varieties

Rigid gas permeable (RSG) and non-rigid dry gas permeable (NGP). Rigid gas permeable lenses are also called GP (gas permeated) lenses; they can cost more than $1000. In addition, they are more difficult to use. Non-rigid dry gas permeable or NGP lenses cost less than half the price of Rigid gas permeable lenses, making them a good alternative for many people. However, when you compare prices, remember that the lower price tag is not always a good deal.

Especially if you are trying to save money on contact lenses

Eye Exam Cost – It is common for eye doctors to examine your eye at one of their specialty centers and to then bill you for the exam, and for the contact lenses if they are prescribed. The price of the exam, and therefore the charge for the contact lenses, will be a small percentage of the price of the contact lenses themselves. This cost is typically billed either as an “out-patient” fee or as a “cash fee” for an eye exam. If you receive prescription discounts, or if your optometrist offers a discount, the price of the test may be lower. However, most eye doctors require you to have the test done under their supervision, in order to ensure that the prescription is correct.

Annual Cost – Most eye doctors will also bill you for the yearly cost of the contact lenses. The cost of the yearly or bi-annual exam is based on your eye prescriptions and your personal situation. Some people will have a lower prescription rate and thus pay less each year for contact lenses, and others may have a higher prescription rate and pay more each year for contact lenses. Be sure to talk with your eye doctor to find out exactly what your annual cost will be.

suffer from presbyopia to only wear a lens

Prescription Plan – You will also be charged for the cost of the prescription plan. This will allow you to choose between two weeks and two months of wear depending on what your vision correction needs are. Two weeks is the standard time period for many people who are suffering from presbyopia and requires them to wear a contact lens throughout the day during their daily activities. Two months allows those who suffer from presbyopia to only wear a lens during the evening hours when they are working or studying, while they sleep.

Contact Lens Cash Price – Also, depending on your eye problems, your eye doctor may suggest that you pay a cash price instead of a discount or a credit card price for your lenses. If your eye problems require you to wear only one lens throughout the day, your doctor will usually be willing to give you a cash price rather than a credit or discount card payment. The reasoning behind this is that it allows you to control the cost of your contacts as well as being able to buy just one lens instead of being stuck with multiple payments. Just be sure to ask your doctor for their opinion on whether a cash price or a discount price would be better for you.

Both rigid and soft lenses can be found at local optometrists’ clinics. You can also easily purchase your lenses online, but you should always do some research into the brands and prices in order to find the most cost-effective lenses that are suited to your particular eye care needs. Contact lenses provide many benefits to individuals who wear them, but they are costly and can cause discomfort if not properly cared for.

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