Total Domestic Energy Consumption

Domestic Energy Consumption – Important For The Primary Energy Sources

Total Domestic Energy Consumption pertains to the total consumed energy of different types of material production industries, non-energy-based sectors, and domestic households in the nation (Region) over a period of time (week). This is an indicator of the economic performance of a country. More specifically it shows the energy consumption of the actual living population of a country in a particular quarter of a year. So let’s have a look at this interesting trend of total domestic energy consumption per capita of different countries around the world.


While there is still much work to be done

for improving the domestic energy security of our country, the good news is that there are many countries globally that are already taking vital steps towards conserving their natural energy resources and thus are making significant gains in the global environmental arena. For example; Germany has a proud history of its energy resources as a result of the Energiewende program that was initiated in 1978. Since then there are numerous other countries have followed suit. In fact, the European Union as a whole has been working towards securing its energy resources.


Other countries like the United States and Australia

are also trying to secure their domestic energy supplies. These two countries together account for almost 80% of the electricity consumed by the entire continent. The United States of America is the leading provider of domestic energy resources, as it accounts for about 25% of world energy resources. Australia has been increasing its share of crude oil and natural gas as well.


As we can see the trends we see today are all for the better

It would seem that with the current level of international concern over the environment, the world is finally beginning to realize the importance of preserving natural resources. It is no longer just a domestic affair, as we see with the major political and environmental gatherings that occur every year. Today we see world leaders meeting to discuss natural gas and the prospects of alternative energy such as wind power and solar energy. They also discuss ways of domestic energy production to help lessen the strain on the major powers.


There has been a rapid growth

in various kinds of renewable energy resources. Some of these include nuclear energy, geothermal and solar energy. These forms of renewable energy harness a special form of kinetic energy produced from various kinds of raw materials that are usually renewable. There are different ways of capturing renewable material production such as windmills and solar panels, which are being put to use to reduce the dependence on various kinds of non-renewable forms of energy.


Coal has been in use for long

Today there are various other kinds of non-renewable sources of energy that are being harnessed. One of them is geothermal energy. This form of energy is generally captured through the use of water trapped deep within the earth’s crust. This is an important form of secondary energy production that is useful for various other purposes, including providing heat or generating electricity.

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