The Benefits of Using an HTR Failover Solution From HTRCope

Benefits of Using an HTR Failover Solution From HTRCope

HTR Cope is a tool used in the deployment of high-traffic servers to ensure maximum uptime and fault tolerance for your virtual clients and customers. The HTR web-based monitoring solution can help you troubleshoot problems in your network infrastructure, including data center operations, server overload, and other network issues that affect your business. It gives you real-time visibility into critical network elements and alerts you to potential problems so that you can quickly resolve them. With the push of a single button, you can activate HTR Cope and monitor your server as if it were an active host. The benefits of using HTR Cope include:


Increase server performance and scalability.

You can use HTR Cope to address server performance and capacity issues as soon as they arise. When combined with failover solutions from our partner carriers, HTR Cope can provide you with preventive monitoring and failover solutions for up to three business days. This gives you time to prepare your business for any potential events that could disrupt your network. You can also use HTR Cope to view failover status and troubleshoot live server activity to identify potential problem areas, improve server reliability, and implement the system and network changes to enhance reliability and scalability.


 Reduce IT costs.

In addition to monitoring and taking corrective action, HTR Cope helps you reduce IT costs associated with implementing failover solutions, monitoring and controlling server health, and deploying failover solutions. Through the use of flexible reporting tools and an easy-to-use admin console, you can easily identify problems before they cause operational problems and quickly implement solutions that solve the problems before they become bigger threats to your business.


Boost server performance.

HTR Cope works in tandem with failover solutions from our partner carriers to provide you with real-time visibility into your server health, which helps you troubleshoot problems as they happen. Through its interactive weblogs, you can monitor your server’s performance and response time to identify poor server performance and increase load efficiency. It even provides diagnostic reports, which allow you to quickly prioritize and troubleshoot problems on your network.


Protect sensitive data.

When your business uses a third-party data management platform, you need to be confident that server health is maintained at all times. HTR Cope’s integrated infrastructure of servers and remote locations helps you mitigate threat detection and prevention, as well as data loss prevention and recovery. With its state-of-the-art tools, HTR Cope can identify and prevent most types of data loss, including backups, restores, corruptions, and server downtime, ensuring that your customers can always expect superior performance from your business.


No matter what your business strategy or needs

HTR Cope can provide the highly scalable, low-cost, highly-available server backup and failover solution you need to remain competitive in the marketplace. Our award-winning product portfolio gives you more choices than ever before. With the latest innovations in server management and highly scalable infrastructure, HTR Cope is your ideal solution for managing your server needs.

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