The Benefits of Dog Boarding Kennels

Some doggie day cares are run by people, but they are fairly rare

Dog day care, more commonly known as “pet daycare”, takes a short term daytime care for doggies. It fills a gap between day confinement kennels and regular pet sitting, in which the sitter visits the pet at his home. Like a regular day care for humans, it shares many similar characteristics with an individualized dog day care center, with the only exception being that a dog day care is for doggies. The majority of day care for doggies provide all-inclusive amenities including home cooked food, fresh water, snacks, toys, dog beds, dog furniture, and adequate exercise space. The services provided will depend on the center you choose. Some centers will offer walk-in pet spaces. Others will require your pet to sign a contract agreeing to be picked up and brought back at a certain time. Some doggie day cares will have a few doggies in kennels during the day while other centers will have the facility available all day long.

Daycares for canines should provide stimulation, interaction, and physical exercise. One of Dr. Schwartz’s top recommendations as regards to the care of pets is to leave animals at home alone as much as possible. Dogs can be very lonely animals and in their absence, they may become depressed, confused and even destructive. On the other hand, if you leave a family member home alone, they may be more receptive to having a companion come into their lives.

A good match for a dog and for you

If you choose to bring your pet along, Dr. Schwatz says you must make sure they are healthy and have no health issues that would make traveling unsafe. You must also make sure the pet you bring along will get along with all of the other dogs. It’s best to choose a pet-sitting program that offers a neutral environment where there are no particular pet types. You could ask your veterinarian to recommend a good match or inquire at a pet-sitting program if you know of any it may depend upon the kind of activities the two share.

A dog sitting program or a dog boarding kennel, as mentioned above, can help to maintain overall mental and physical well being for your pet. He or she will be spending many hours at a boarding kennel while at the same time getting plenty of exercise and socialization. The best boarding facilities offer a wide variety of activities for your pet. They may include dog dancing lessons, treasure hunts, arts and crafts, and other creative outlet for your animal. You will find that these activities keep your pet physically active, mentally stimulated and happy. In addition, they will also provide him or her with fresh air and sunshine.


So, what are the benefits of choosing a dog crate? Well, the first benefit is the fact that they are safe and secure. Most kennels and programs are large with huge, enclosed spaces. This helps to keep out any animals that could potentially cause harm to your pet. Your dog will never be able to escape his crate because he will be stuck inside it the entire day! Another benefit is that he or she will receive adequate exercise during the day by being surrounded by good, stimulating activities.

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