several alternative sources of energy available?

Benefits of Renewable Energy Switching

Why do we need an energy supplier when we get an electric supply from the utility company? Why should we waste electricity when there are several alternative sources of energy available? The real question should be, why shouldn’t we switch to a green energy supplier? The fact is that switching to a green energy supplier is really very simple and instant and comes with huge potential gains in terms of saving electricity and money. It also helps expedite the switch over to sustainable and renewable energy (based on which tariff you switch over). Therefore it should be your priority to switch over.


Are there any significant savings on your energy bill

when you go for this option? If you are consuming a substantial amount of electricity, then yes you will definitely enjoy some savings. However, the savings do depend on whether you are consuming retail or wholesale rates. The more wholesale rate you consume the higher your savings will be. For those who consume retail rates, there is absolutely no comparison as they are paying a fixed rate for the entire month irrespective of the changes in the energy supply.


So, when do we actually require to make a switch over?

Usually, there will be a point at which you start to get the ‘new energy tariffs’ and you may feel that it is time to go for the new supplier. Here the question that arises is whether the new energy supplier can actually offer better deals than the current one.


You may be surprised to find out that yes

it is indeed possible to negotiate better tariffs with the new supplier. If you negotiate better tariffs, you can easily save a lot of money every month and avoid making a switch over. This is because the energy company charges a very high variable tariff. The fluctuating tariff varies according to the supply and demand of gas and electricity. To get a good deal, you should try to negotiate for a variable tariff that contains several minimum overage charges and this will help you save a lot of money every month.


Apart from saving money, another benefit of the renewable energy

The switching process is the environmental aspect. With the help of renewable energy certificates, the environment can become better and this will ultimately bring down the electricity bills as well. The power generated by the windmill or solar panel can be stored so that it can be used whenever there is no supply of electricity. This helps in reducing the wastage of electricity and thus helps in reducing carbon emissions. The power generated by these energy-generating devices can also be exported to the national grid and this will significantly affect the price of the electricity. Thus the benefits of the renewable energy switching process are not only limited to individual consumers, but also the whole environment.


The main source of competition between energy suppliers

is the tariff structure. Different energy suppliers have various tariff structures and you must therefore check out the deals offered by each supplier before making a decision. The best way of finding out more about the various deals offered by the energy suppliers is to log on to the internet and visit the comparison portals. You will find numerous websites that provide you with information relating to various electricity suppliers including their tariffs and their characteristics as well. The online portals are easy to use and you can easily compare the tariffs of various suppliers and choose the one that suits your needs perfectly.

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