Popular Garden Parties Around the World

A garden party is an informal gathering of high-class folks in an outside venue, especially of the social elite. Garden Party can also refer to An evening of wine and dines at a top New York restaurant, a screening of a movie at a major theater chain, or a garden party in an English country house, usually commemorating a royal occasion. In Japan, it is called “Yakumo” and in Singapore “yan tung”.



 decide on the perfect theme

Planning a garden party or a social event that takes place in a public location can be very hectic. The main key to a perfect garden party is to decide on the perfect theme; whether it is beach summer or a nice outdoors event. Your friends will need to get dressed up for the occasion; there is no point in having a garden party if all your guests end up as ugly chairs.


determine where they will be seated

So, let’s get started. As soon as the guests arrive, determine where they will be seated. As mentioned, it is important to have a garden party menu printed and available to serve before the guests arrive. Once this is done, take the time to make sure that everyone has everything that they need to make their meal.


The Madison Square Garden

A garden party in any city would not be complete without the quintessential element of any party – drinks. The Madison Square Garden in New York City is home to some of the best drink deals in the world. Guests can enjoy cold drinks served by both live bands and DJs. Food is also of great importance for any garden party. The Madison Square Garden has a full-fledged restaurant that serves up a variety of Asian delicacies.


have one in the vicinity of these famous gardens

One of the most famous garden parties in the world happens to be in Buckingham, England. If you happen to visit Buckingham Palace or Mary Lou Gardens in London, you can also experience this garden party. If you have never experienced a garden party in the UK, the best way to do so would be to have one in the vicinity of these famous gardens.


Diamond and Summer’s Day

Most garden parties are held in the spring and summer when the temperature is perfect for entertaining guests. In the case of Buckingham Palace, the garden party hosted by the queen has become a very popular affair. The garden party usually starts on May 24th and goes on until June 4th. The special day for the royals is known as Diamond and Summer’s Day.

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