Metal Stamping Techniques

Metal Stamping is a very cost effective

Metal Stamping is a process by which a metal item is permanently stamped with a design, logo or pattern. The most popular products in which Metal Stamping is used are tires, badges, letter signs, buttons and nails. Metal Stamping is a very cost effective method of personalizing stationery items. There are many companies that specialize in Metal Stamping. Many companies that deal with Metal Stamping provide free samples and information about the product.

Metal stamping is an excellent method of producing intricate and professional looking custom designed products. Most metals can be used for Metal Stamping; however brass and copper are the most commonly used materials. Metal Stamping is the method of putting flat sheet metal into either cold or hot form at a stamping machine, where a die and press surface forms the metal to a desired shape. Metal Stamping provides a number of advantages over other production methods such as embroidery and heavy stamping, the first being that Metal Stamping is a process that can be done on a larger scale than most other methods, using a greater number of complex parts.

Metal Stamping is a perfect choice

Because metal stamping is a repetitive process there is no wastage of materials. Because of this, Metal Stamping is a perfect choice for companies that require a large volume of materials. This can also reduce the cost per material. Using a single die for all parts of the product will result in a considerable saving in production costs. This is because one machine will be able to stamp out all the parts of the product that are required for the manufacturing process. This reduces the costs that companies incur during the start up stage of a new business.

Because metal stamping can be performed on a larger scale than most other production methods, it enables manufacturers to produce custom designs and shapes. Many companies have used metal stamping to create logos and emblems, as well as small decorative pieces for decorations on products. Some manufacturers have even produced complete sets of products ready to go, which saves time and expense when creating a single set of products. Metal Stamping allows manufacturers to reproduce many different designs, providing an unlimited number of possibilities for designing custom products.

Metal On Demand

The Metal Stamping techniques that are commonly used in this industry include Metal Etching, Metal On Demand, Metal Injection and Progressive Metal Stamping. Metal Etching is a type of Metal Stamping where metal sheets are formed into exact similar shapes. This process requires an automatic feeder system and the equipment necessary to perform the operation. Metal On Demand is a type of Metal Stamping technique where metal sheets are manually loaded into an automatic etcher that causes the metal to form into any shape that is requested. Metal Injection and Progressive Metal Stamping techniques use the same principles but use additional tools to deposit more metal than is required to form the exact duplicate of the original design.

The main benefit to using metal stamping techniques is that they are cost-effective, require little manual labor, can be performed on an as-needed basis and offer a competitive edge to the manufacturing process. Because the cost-effectiveness of metal stamping is often seen as a bottom-line benefit to companies, it can often be overlooked by companies when evaluating whether or not this is the best way to produce their products. However, when considering whether or not metal stamping is the right method of manufacturing parts for your company, the overall cost of using this method is often not determined. Instead, the cost-effectiveness of producing the metal parts stamped is considered along with the other costs to produce the final product.

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