Is a Prenuptial Agreement Right For You?

Before discussing why entering into a prenup agreement

More people today are not only considering the possibility of going into a prenuptial agreement before marriage. Prenuptial settlements can actually help resolve so many problems for a spouse should a divorce be inevitable. But, there is also no doubt that when both parties agree to a prenuptial agreement and the agreement is legally enforceable, that this can only be a potential divorce later on. Here’s why.

Might be beneficial for your divorce case, you need to understand what a prenup is. Basically, a prenup is a contract the bride and groom agree on regarding the terms of their marriage after they finish having children. While this sounds like a good thing, it can actually cause a lot of problems and complications for the future of the marriage. The reason being that, in order to protect the future of the marriage, the couple must ensure that the prenup is legally binding.

If you’re getting married because you want to save your marriage

Then a prenup is probably not the best option for you right now. For one thing, it won’t help protect the future of your children. Also, it will only provide a divorce solution for you if you and your partner agree to it. Unless both of you are able to agree on all terms, it will not be enforced in court. In other words, the prenuptial agreement will not help ensure your legal rights and will not prevent a contested divorce in the future. When you have two opposing views on key aspects of the marriage, trying to work through the marriage without a lawyer is almost impossible.

However, if you need a divorce and you don’t have a prenup, then you’ll definitely need the assistance of an attorney. Attorneys can be helpful in a few different ways, especially when it comes to prenuptial agreement issues. For example, one of the best protections from a prenup is to set up a child custody agreement. Without an attorney, you would have to handle this issue on your own, which can be extremely confusing and even emotionally draining.

Divorce lawyers can also offer other types of legal advice

They specialize in family law, which covers everything from divorce to adoptions to legitimacy. If you have questions about your legal rights or issues regarding your relationship with your ex, you should consult with a family law attorney. While attorneys do charge fees for their services, most do very reasonably and will work hard to ensure that you get the best settlement possible. Because prenuptial agreements are so important, hiring a divorce attorney is a good idea if you’re facing a divorce and have separate legal needs.

Prenuptials tend to be quite expensive and many couples don’t realize how much money they could have saved by handling the agreement themselves before ever getting married. Many couples actually save more this way, because they don’t have to pay attorney fees or deal with a prenuptial agreement. In many cases, the terms of the prenup are what caused the issue in the first place. If you and your spouse weren’t happy with the arrangement then perhaps you should have never gotten married. By talking things out, you might be able to come to a better conclusion and avoid having to deal with a difficult property division in the future.

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