Importance of Document Management System (DMS)

Effective system to utilize and organize documents

A document management system is an effective system utilized to get, monitor, store and organize documents and minimize paper in the office. Most are also capable of storing a copy of each version made and altered by other users. In the case of electronic documents such systems are usually based on computer software. It enables an individual to make a backup copy of all documents in a directory and instantly gain access to these files. This also reduces the risk of loss of any information especially in case of physical destruction of your office computer system.

Document Management Systems, which is used in conjunction with a search system makes retrieving important data easy for office employees. They enable quick retrieval of data from the relevant computer or media devices without the risk of physical damage of the storage media. It can provide the user with a secure document storage and retrieval system by providing security, flexibility, and reliability. It helps in document storage, image modification, document search and retrieval, document transfer and security. Documents can also be managed electronically including multiple copies, indexing and retrieval of digital files and multiple versions.

DMS can be used as workflow management systems

Since a good document management system needs to have a feature to manage, back up and archive data in a safe manner most office space managers have already started using cloud based services to offload their document storage requirements. Cloud-based document storage providers can provide fast, secure document storage services that can be accessed from any device such as tablets, mobile phones, laptops etc. With this service a user can access the documents stored on their servers from anywhere and at any time. A good cloud storage provider can even back up the entire office space and this ensures that when any new version of any file is made the old version will not be deleted from the servers.

Document Management Systems can be used for a variety of purposes such as workflow management systems, document recovery systems, document imaging and digital asset management systems. Document Management Systems can also help in the smooth and efficient transfer of information within an organization. Since most businesses’ processes are paper based on the usage of a Document Management System ensures that the data is managed through electronic means and this prevents the risk of losing any of the important data such as client lists, accounts, financial data etc. since documents can easily be scanned and images can be easily emailed. This helps in the smooth flow of work.

A good DMS will ensure that all changes made to the documents are recorded and timestamps can be applied to the documents so that they are easy to retrieve. A good document management system will help in the proper organization of paper documents and data in the offices. Since most of the businesses processes are paper based on the use of a DMS can track the movement of paper documents within an organization.


An integrated document management system will keep track of all the documents that are in the inventory, what is in storage, when a certain document was created, its last-modified time stamp and many more. This way, you can track all the documents that are in your company and at the same time you can trace their flow so that you know where and how often they are being modified.

One advantage of using a DMS is that it helps in document archiving which helps in protecting the information contained in the company’s various document storage devices such as computers, servers, laptops, fax machines etc. by converting them into digital documents. Using cloud storage also helps in archiving of documents because the physical storage can be outsourced to other locations where you can access the files.

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