How to Reduce the Consumption of Electricity With Portable Air Compressors?

Reduce the Consumption of Electricity With Portable Air Compressors

In most industries, the electricity used in the production of goods and services accounts for nearly 65% of total costs. In factories, however, huge pieces of machinery eat up the lion’s share. To keep industrial electricity prices low, you have to analyze the usage patterns and internal conditions of your company and reassess the existing terms and agreements of your supplier. If your manufacturer can cut down electrical expenses by reusing or reducing unneeded machines and equipment, it will have a positive impact on the bottom line. However, if your supplier does not possess the necessary expertise, technological savvy, and experience, you must ask your manufacturer about cost reduction initiatives.


With so many demands for electricity

there are many suppliers in the market. Your supplier can either offer you retail electrical power rates or a wholesale electrical power rate. Wholesale rates are generally much lower than retail rates, and they are calculated based on the number of kilowatts of electricity consumed by your company multiplied by the average price per unit of electricity. Depending on your industry, there may be other specific discounts your industrial electricity supplier may offer.


You must find a wholesale electrical power supplier

who understands the intricacies of your industry and meets all of your needs efficiently. Ideally, your supplier should have years of experience in manufacturing and delivering power to industrial facilities. It should also have highly trained personnel who understand the operational needs of various types of manufacturing facilities. It should have state-of-the-art technology that makes its operations straightforward. And, most importantly, your industrial electricity supplier should be able to offer your company competitive pricing.


Your supplier should be capable of reliably delivering

a large number of units of electricity at any one time. It should have a fleet of highly trained and experienced personnel who know where to set up wiring, and how to wire different pieces of equipment to multiple outlets. In addition, your equipment should be properly insulated, with no exposed wires or cables, so as not to increase the amount of electrical consumption.


Industrial electricity

is particularly useful to smaller firms or workshops that need to run multiple electrical equipment and circuits at the same time. These include circuit breakers, load detectors, and voltage detectors for load protection. The most effective solution for these firms would be to buy a complete system of electrical equipment and circuit breakers from a single source. This would allow them to reduce their operational costs and improve their competitiveness in the marketplace. They could then use the wholesale electricity at much lower prices since they would only be buying one product rather than several products from different suppliers. And, since they would be buying complete systems, they would be able to purchase the exact amounts of electricity needed.


For larger firms or factories

or those that produce a large amount of electricity, then one option to reduce their electrical consumption would be to install efficient and high-capacity air compressors. Air compressors are useful in two different ways – for industrial and commercial purposes and home heating and cooling. Large-scale industrial air compressors can generate high-pressure air and are therefore able to pump large amounts of water or air into large storage tanks. These large storage tanks are usually located in factories or other large enclosed areas, for example, warehouses. Home heating and cooling systems often utilize air compressors because the temperature of stored water can reach up to 100 degrees, and condensation easily occurs in such circumstances. The condensation causes a significant reduction in the efficiency of an air compressor and so by investing in a high capacity air compressor, your electrical consumption could go down considerably.

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