how to find the Right Jobs in Energy-Related Fields

Finding the Right Jobs in Energy-Related Fields

The energy industry encompasses the entirety of the different sectors involved in the supply and production of energy, which includes refining, production, distillation, power generation, and distribution, as well as power distribution. Energy is a major part of our daily lives and we must conserve the finite amount of non-renewable resources we are currently taking from the earth’s reserves. One way to do this is through the development and implementation of renewable energy technologies such as renewable energy, solar energy, and wind energy. A distributed electricity grid powered by these energy sources can supply the energy demands of communities and even individual homes. An interesting trend emerging today in the energy sector is the adoption of Blockchain technology.


The energy industry has developed

and depends on several key players like Oil Refineries, Gas Cracking Plants, Power Generation and Distribution, Nuclear Power Plants, and others. With the advent of Blockchains across the various sectors of the energy industry, the scope for employment opportunities has increased manifold. If you are looking for oil and gas industry jobs available now, you may want to consider the following areas:


Petroleum Engineering

This sector provides ample opportunities for job seekers with the right skills. Petroleum engineering involves the study of refining, production, and transportation of petroleum products. Experienced manpower and advanced technologies are required to tackle the challenges of the ever-changing energy industry sector.


 Petroleum Technologist

Companies involved in oil exploration and production are always in need of technologists. These professionals are responsible for exploring, extracting, and maintaining the resources of the oil and gas industry. A bachelor’s degree is required to start in this sector, and some years of relevant experience are also essential. In fact, there are approximately 4,000 job openings for technologists around the world.


Oil and Gas Manager

If you have the right skills and are aiming at a career in the oil and gas industry, then you can consider this as a viable option. In this sector, the person who manages the processes that integrate all the diverse activities required by oil and gas companies are called managers. A successful candidate for managing positions within the company will require hard skills and broad knowledge of processes and mathematics.


Petroleum Technologist

The petroleum technologist is responsible for exploring, extracting, and maintaining petroleum products. Most people who have related experience in this field often find employment in the oil and gas industry. Although this sector requires several applicants, several companies recruit professionals with a graduate degree and extensive work experience. Many oil and gas exploration and production companies prefer to hire candidates with both bachelor’s degrees and expertise in mathematics and physics.

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