How Can I Save Money on Electricity and Gas?

renew properly for a gas and electricity supplier

The graphic below shows just how a business owner would see cost increases of 140% or so on failing to constantly renew properly for a gas and electricity supplier. Why would want to switch? There are numerous good reasons why you might wish to switch energy suppliers: You’ve moved house and want to make sure that you’re still on a good deal; perhaps you’ve realised that your initial gas and electricity rates were far higher than you were happy with. Whatever your reasons, switching is never a bad idea.

The tricky part comes in when looking to establish the legitimacy of your chosen energy supplier. Unfortunately, there are some smaller, relatively unknown companies in the UK energy market who are just as aggressive as big brand names when it comes to trying to get new customers. These companies make it very tempting to sign up with them – but remember, there are some huge risks to taking this route. Many small businesses have been forced to cancel their contracts with energy suppliers after becoming stuck with bad deals over the years.

how can a small business avoid being part of this trend?

Be Very Careful About Which Gas and Electricity Provider You Choose A bad supplier can spell disaster for your business; in particular, if you’re in the construction sector finding a gas and electricity supplier can mean hundreds of pounds worth of losses per annum. Try to find a business electricity supplier who specialize in supplying construction related equipment. They should be able to supply you with a range of equipment which will save money on your bills, for example: Excavators, Trenchers, Wires and Ladders, for example. They should also be able to offer you a huge choice of products so that you can choose energy efficient heating systems, boilers and appliances. Look out for specialist suppliers who offer deals on energy efficiency, low carbon technology and green products such as LED lighting.

Update Your Facilities To stay on top of energy costs it’s wise to update your facilities as well. A recent bill showed that almost three in every five properties were still using inefficient methods to heat and cool their premises. Not only is this wasteful, but it can also increase your fuel bill and make paying for heating and cooling more expensive. A good business energy supplier will be able to give you advice about what changes would be beneficial to your company.

Switching Businesses

It’s possible to use your existing gas and electricity supplies to supply your business. However, in order to switch your business electricity supplier, a new contract would need to be arranged. A recent bill showed that almost three in every five businesses have been paying over the odds for their gas and electricity supplies. A specialist would be able to help your company work out how much it could save by switching to an energy supplier that specialises in efficient heating and cooling.

The number of small business energy suppliers has increased dramatically in recent years. This makes choosing a supplier difficult for many individuals. A professional energy company services expert could make the process easier by giving you expert advice and helping you identify which energy suppliers to offer the best deals.

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