Green Energy Sources

Green Energy Sources – What Are They?

The phrase ‘green energy‘ is no longer just a marketing slogan for an EU-based green energy firm. It has been trading on the New York Stock Exchange since 2021. The first publicly listed – and therefore potentially lucrative – green energy company, Energie. In its early years, Energie was responsible for producing around twenty percent of Europe’s electricity using a new energy production technology called “solar photovoltaic modules”. They are now part of a bigger conglomerate, Altaeros, which also produces wind turbines.


The other major renewable energy source used in Europe is wind

Wind farms are becoming more commonplace across the continent, although many are being built in the USA. Onshore and offshore wind farms are being used to generate electricity rather than provide commercial energy. Many renewable energy sources are environmentally friendly and many are extremely efficient. They are much more cost-effective than fossil fuels and create less pollution. As green energy resources become more readily available worldwide the need to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions will become all the more urgent.


The need is great

especially as a result of the COP21 climate change agreement which came into force in March this year. As it is, carbon dioxide is the greatest single greenhouse gas, polluting the Earth with a level of carbon dioxide that will not be seen for thousands of years. Greenhouse gases trap heat within the Earth, which means that greenhouse gases produce global warming. There are many potential sources for renewable energy sources, which are environmentally friendly and potentially very economically viable in the coming years.


One very promising source of green energy

is solar power. Solar power is already available in a wide range of applications; from residential homes to powering industrial machines, cars, and even vehicles. It is also a cheap source of electricity, which makes it very attractive to many consumers. By developing new solar technology and using more efficient solar cells the cost of photovoltaic systems can come down dramatically.


Another one of the popular options

for green energy sources is wind energy. The Earth’s windy conditions have been producing electricity for centuries. With the advent of newer and more efficient wind turbines, a steady source of free electricity can be produced if a farm is properly located. Also available are smaller wind turbines, which are easier to harness for commercial purposes.


Another very promising source of green energy

is water energy. Many cities rely on municipal electricity grids to meet their electricity needs. A widespread move to build wind farms on water could reduce costs and pollution to a large extent. The downside of relying on municipal electricity is that it is not reliable as it is generated by fossil fuels. Also, it would mean giving up on solar panels and wind turbines, which are the two main sources of green energy sources.

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