From Deck to Card

Playing Cards: From Deck to Card

Playing cards are going to receive wear and tear from kids, it is inevitable. However, plastic cards tend to last up to fifty times longer than paper. Plastic cards are also much more durable than paper, which means that plastic decks are the best option for busy parents or rough shuffle users who the kids may get a hold of the deck quickly. Even if you use a machine for shuffling, paper cards can be shuffled more than twice as fast.


When buying playing cards

keep in mind what you plan on using them for. If you’re throwing a regular poker night, you may want to purchase a standard deck, since these come in most sizes and most brands. The regular poker decks are widely available at most card shops and other gaming establishments. You may also consider making your own deck of cards at home. There are many resources available online that teach how to make your own poker cards from scratch, or purchase pre-packaged decks to get started.


Another popular choice when buying playing cards

is a standard deck of 52 cards. 52 cards allow you to play two decks at once, or two or more decks at a time without having to deal with multiple decks. It’s also nice because the cards stack well, and since they are usually thick card stock, they won’t tear or bend in the same way that pasteboard will.


When purchasing playing cards

it is important to know what type of finishing methods are available, such as foil, embossing, or a pressed paper finish. These methods can dramatically change the appearance and value of playing cards, so understanding the different processes and what they do will help you make your decision. While foil-playing cards look striking, they can be fragile. Embossed playing cards have intricate designs that stand out, while pressed paper offers a smooth surface for easy storage and shipping.


For those who prefer not to purchase playing cards

there are numerous alternatives. Many retailers sell imitation or novelty cards for those who enjoy playing without the challenge of owning one. Many websites offer unique, handcrafted decks of any size, shape, or style. Some people like to keep their favorite playing cards as keepsakes, so visiting craft fairs or flea markets may allow you to find unusual or difficult-to-locate decks. If you prefer to build your own decks, you can also purchase kits designed specifically to create an antique look or one tailored to the personality of the recipient.


The best playing cards are made from high-quality materials

including thick, durable card stock, thick, cushioned edges, and original artwork. Many manufacturers are using environmentally safe materials in making their cards, such as 100 percent cellulose acetate. Whether you’re searching for a high-quality deck of playing cards or something to use for a party game, consider the options available and know that you can trust your cards.

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