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Law Enforcement flag means peace keeping, assistance and community goodwill

These are used by peace officers to convey their messages to the community. The Police Department usually sends these out during arrests or other special events. The event can be a funeral, to alert the community about a new crime, or an anniversary. The department also gives these to high school, college and university police departments for their added visibility and credibility. These decals are used around the country and internationally to promote police work and give a sense of pride.

The law enforcement flag is made of durable vinyl with a sturdy aluminum backing. It’s all hand made from front to back for a personal touch and make a great retirement reward for your law enforcement hero. It can even be personalized to include names and officer numbers. Purchase a blue line flag with a white rectangular background with the State or Tribal symbol on the flag. This flag has a thin blue stripe on the upper left corner.

a great advertising platform

The flag is available in other colors if you would like them. A blue stripe flag is great for all law enforcement agencies. This is a great product to help show your support for our men and women in uniform. Many of these banners are professionally designed and will stand up to any weather conditions. The five stars option that is available will give you a great advertising platform and this will be purchased item for any law enforcement agency.

The blue line flag is proudly displayed by many local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies throughout the United States. It can be personalized with names, logos, or slogan. If you want it to represent your agency you can purchase a personalized blue line police flag. The flag comes in a standard size and many of these are already displayed at government buildings, county and city hall, schools, and other places.

The flag is made from high quality vinyl

Which makes it durable and easy to clean. The vinyl comes with a blue stripe on the upper left corner featuring the American flag. The banner features a thin blue stripe in the middle of the flag featuring the law enforcement symbol. It also features a black trim along the bottom of the banner, which offers a great looking design. The blue and white striped design will also add additional appeal to the unit’s identification badge.

Law enforcement rings will be a perfect wall mounting features for many years to come. Purchasing these flags online is the best way to assure that your organization or business will be represented with pride and clarity. Ordering online will offer you the quickest and easiest way to get your flag ordered and quickly placed on public walls. Order today and receive your blue line flag immediately.

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