Decorating With Baskets

A great basket for kitchen use would be a wire basket with a handle

If there’s a place your child spends a lot of her time that isn’t a traditional bedroom, it’s the kitchen. And one of the places your child spends a lot of her time that isn’t a traditional bedroom is… your basket. It’s almost impossible to get your kids to use their own basket anymore. (In fact, some kids are so attached to their baskets they’ll climb over the top and out of the basket on their own.) But that doesn’t mean you have to put up with your basket being left out.

Instead of hiding the basket away, let it hang out where your children can see it and look at it. If the only room with a built in basket exists is in your dreamy dreams, go for a plain wire basket filled only with your favorite reading books, rather than a basket full of junk. Your children’s items will likely find their way to your living room, so whether or not you plan on them actually using it, your children’s things will always find their way to your home. There are plenty of cute basket designs for this purpose, too.

A fantastic idea for both the kitchen and pantry is a combination of both

Another great basket for the kitchen is the same sort of thing used to hold cookies and crumbs in a cookie jar. These can be placed in a glass baking container with an attached lid for a charming, old-fashioned feel. Some pantry baskets hold so many things, they may even be used as extra nooks for craft projects and finger projects. When decorating your kitchen with an eye to the future, try to think of creative uses for the little trinkets that will inevitably gather and disappear down the drain.

. Buy a wicker basket from any craft room store. Fill with crockery and other odds and ends like buttons and beads, then add a few nice baskets. Use these to hold small treasures, such as small toy cars or doll houses. In addition to looking good, these will keep your craft room looking neat and tidy.

Basket racks are also a wonderful addition to a kitchen or pantry

A wicker basket rack looks fabulous next to the stove while a wire basket rack looks great on the table next to the table. The best part about basket racks is that you can use them interchangeably, for example, you can place a big basket in the pantry but use the wire basket to hang small knickknacks and such off of the kitchen table. Wire baskets also make great holders for glasses, plates, and other kitchen items.

A basket rack adds a lovely touch to any kitchen, especially one with a countertop. It adds visual interest to your kitchen and makes moving items from the sink to the table much easier. When decorating your kitchen or pantry consider using a basket rack along with a wicker or wire basket rack. They make great storage solutions and can be used interchangeably. Both look beautiful and will complement any decorating style.

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