Braces Tightening – 4 Reasons Why You Should Avoid Hard Foods When Having Your Braces Redone

main difference between the braces

There is a wide importance of braces tightening during your braces treatment. It is alternatively referred to as braces tightening. The term braces refer to the metal bands used to hold the tooth alignments in place. The concept is that these bands will be tightened to accommodate the teeth movement and thereby correcting them accordingly. The term braces fit the upper teeth and the lower teeth. The main difference between the braces that are worn during dental treatments and the ones that are worn during rehabilitation is that the latter ones are worn during the orthodontic treatment and it is only after this treatment that the individual opts for the braces.

There is an important reason why the braces should not be worn too tightly. The tightening will wear out the tooth enamel on the front and side of the teeth. The teeth become rough and uncomfortable because of the friction created when the braces are tightened on the teeth. Hence, it is advisable that if there is a need to tighten the braces the upper and the side teeth should be accommodated with extra braces.

tooth movement therapy

Apart from the above, there is another reason why the braces should not be tightened too much. One of the reasons for the increased tightening of the braces is the need to get braces tightened during the tooth movement therapy. Braces Tightening-3 is the term used to define the tooth movement therapy that is associated with getting braces tightened. It is important for you to know that this tooth movement therapy is very painful for the patient.

You should avoid the intake of soft foods like chocolates, pastries and candies because they are difficult to digest and soft foods are easily digested. As a result, they create a situation where the person suffers from excess acidity. This will also result in teeth sensitivity. Hence, if you have to have a liquid diet while having braces tightening, you should avoid the intake of soft foods at all costs.

mild burning sensation on the braces

After the braces have been tightened properly, you may experience pain at the first day. This may be mild to severe. In mild cases, you will experience a little discomfort and a mild burning sensation on the braces. It is very difficult to identify the exact cause of the pain. You will experience pain only for the first day of the treatment and may experience it for several more days. You will experience this pain on both the upper and the lower teeth.

However, if you are suffering from severe pain, you may feel a pressure on the nerves near the mouth. This may feel like a pinched feeling. Braces Tightening – 4 is another reason why you should never go for hard food when having your treatment. You will experience an increase in the level of pain.

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