Basic Etiquette

Etiquette can be defined as having or following a set of rules

When it comes to a good night’s sleep, having good etiquette can go a long way. Etiquette can be defined as having or following a set of rules and customs to ensure that the social interaction between two parties is a pleasant one. Etiquette basically teaches us how to behave in certain situations. Etiquette can be applied to every area of your social life including your professional life, business life and even in your personal life. Etiquette basically teaches you how to be a good person.

No matter what your age or gender, having good etiquette goes a long way in making other people comfortable around you. Everyone has received some sort of criticism from time to time and having a sense of humor goes a long way to defusing any tense situation. The difference between traditional manners and modern etiquette is that the latter promotes a feeling of empathy between the two parties. With traditional manners, the receiver would feel offended if the giver does not understand him or her. However, with modern etiquette, the receiver feels sympathy for the giver because the giver obviously lacks the ability to speak or understand the receiver.

having good etiquette in place will always help us show respect

There is a vast difference between the things we consider as polite and the things which are considered as crass, however, having good etiquette in place will always help us show respect to those with whom we interact. Some consider being polite and helpful to others as manners while others call such actions as manipulative and show a lack of empathy towards others. It is important that we differentiate between etiquette that we should practice and etiquette that we should avoid. If we receive a gift from someone, it is important that we practice good etiquette because such action shows our gratitude to the person who gave us the present and makes them feel appreciated.

A good way to start practicing good etiquette is to observe how your family and friends behave around you. If you see them taking good care of you in a respectful manner at every opportunity, you can be sure that you are doing the right thing in regard to proper etiquette. This would mean that you should keep in mind that you should send your greetings through a greeting card, do not just drop your gifts on the table but make sure that you put them in an elegant way. This should include written as well as unwritten etiquette – for instance, when sending long time friends flowers but putting them in a plastic bag rather than a basket, as this shows an insensitivity towards their culture.

always better to follow the law when it comes to good etiquette

In addition to greeting your friends with courtesy, you should also make eye contact when conversing with them. It is important that you should look confident and polite in order to come across as warm and friendly. When you look at somebody with such characteristics, they would be instantly drawn towards you and will be in a position to be more comfortable around you as you make eye contact.

Lastly, it is always better to follow the law when it comes to good etiquette. For instance, when you are on the street and a car is driving by, you should pull over and stop the car. Do not follow the cars because this could be a violation of traffic regulations. This courtesy should be extended to any other public figure or people, including waiters and waitresses. By following these good manners, you can surely impress others and make them feel good about themselves.

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