Advantages of Digital Marketing

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Traditional marketing usually refers to any kind of promotion that is not the internet. This includes print, television, radio, direct mail, and other traditional marketing such as billboards. The reason for the old term “traditional” is that this method of promotion always had a cost attached to it. Usually it was expensive to have an advertisement printed or it would take a lot of time to run an ad.

Today, traditional marketing is not just about newspapers, radio, and television. With the invention of digital technology, it is also possible to reach many more people through digital marketing. From electronic newspapers to billboards, digital marketing helps to reach specific target audiences with very little effort.

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Traditional marketing tends to be time-consuming and it is very difficult to measure the results of any advertising campaign. It also tends to give a very short term result. With digital marketing the work tends to be much easier and measurable. It also gives more opportunity for marketers to make changes to their campaign as they become aware of the desired outcome. Unlike traditional marketing methods which do not evolve as technology changes, digital marketing changes very quickly making old techniques work better than before.

One of the advantages of using online marketing is that the cost of producing and running ads is very low compared to traditional marketing. The cost of a single ad can cost as little as pennies in comparison to printing hundreds of dollars worth of ads in traditional media. Also, online marketing allows for greater flexibility with the timing of the ads. Marketers can determine the best time to post ads and where to post them so that potential customers are exposed to their ads when they are most likely to react.

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Another advantage of digital marketing over traditional marketing is the ability to use a variety of media to reach target audience. Traditional means simply choosing the medium for production, but this does not need to be the case. Using multiple sources to reach your target audience means a higher chance of creating a reaction from your potential customers. The use of video ads for example, can have a greater impact on a potential customer than simply having their picture taken.

Finally, there are many more advantages of digital marketing over traditional campaigns. Traditional campaigns can often be time-consuming and have a hard or impossible deadline to meet. Online campaigns can begin immediately. Traditional ads can sometimes be seen the moment they hit the web browser window, but online images can be included in ads at any point in time. Using images online can help to improve the overall appearance of the website and give it a more personal feel, whereas traditional media tends to be impersonal.

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