Accredited Locksmith Training

When it comes to the acquisition of a quality locksmith, whether for residential or business purposes, you will want to make sure that the locksmith is properly licensed to provide you with quality service. The Locksmith Alliance defines an Accredited Locksmith as one who has been professionally trained in the areas of locksmithing and has passed an approved assessment by an outside organization, which makes them a member of the Locksmith Alliance. Members are assessed annually, either by the Locksmith Alliance or an external organization, to ensure that locksmiths continuing their education and maintaining a high standard of professionalism; their services meet or exceed the expectations of their clients.


locksmiths offer a full range of services

It is not uncommon for a locksmith to specialize in different types of services. In today’s ever-changing world of technology, some locksmiths offer a full range of services while others concentrate on just a few areas, such as key duplication, lock installation, key removal, and desktop and laptop locksmithing. While many people typically think of a locksmith as being a “blue-collar” type of specialist who works in a shop or office having to answer the calls of customers who require the services of a locksmith, today’s modern locksmith is much more versatile. Here is a brief list of some of the other specialties of a locksmithing specialist:


o offer training programs

In addition to offering a wide range of services, some locksmiths also offer training programs. Some of these training programs include courses in new technologies and innovations in locksmithing such as the Bowie and Kwick technique. Others may focus on new techniques associated with deadbolts, key duplication, and lock rekeying. Some training programs also address the maintenance of locks, key duplication, and the use of electronic locks. Such a program may help locksmiths in the maintenance and repair of locks, or develop the training or skills needed for the creation of new locks or the upgrading of existing locks in your home, office, business, or car.


Master’s degree from an Accredited Locksmith

A person wishing to become a locksmith must earn their Master’s degree from an Accredited Locksmith Training School. Students pursuing this degree program must complete courses that focus on locksmithing and related subjects. The coursework may include locksmith terminology, ethics, the definition of key and lock, lockset designs, counterfeit detection, and more. Once a student has completed their education requirements, they will be required to pass a rigorous written proficiency exam administered by the Accredited Locksmithing School.


Accredited Locksmith or an Online Course

Some states require students pursuing locksmith licensing to complete either on-the-job training from an Accredited Locksmith or an Online Course. Many locksmiths choose to complete their apprenticeship in an Accredited Locksmiths School rather than participating in on-the-job training, stating that doing so allows them to learn the necessary skills at the workplace, rather than taking time away from work to sit in class. Although the rules for licensure differ by state, many states do not require locksmiths to be licensed, however, it is highly recommended that locksmiths receive their professional locksmith license from the local or state board. The reasons for this vary from state to state, but all have one overriding reason, which is to ensure that the people who are chosen to keep your home and business security are properly trained in the field of locksmiths.


When choosing a locksmithing school

It is important to make sure that they are an Accredited Locksmith. This can be found easily by asking for proof of accreditation at several Accredited Locksmithing Schools. Once you are sure that they are Accredited, you will be able to apply for your locksmith license at your local Bureau of Security and Investigative Services (BSIS). You will be given the option to apply directly or through the Department of Justice. Either way, it should be noted that completing your locksmith training from Accredited Locksmiths will help make sure that you will be well-trained and able to meet the standards set forth by your state’s licensing boards.

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