5 Minutes Home Remedies For Eyes

Here are some such remedies

There are various home remedies for eyes. These are easy and convenient to use, unlike the artificial ones which may harm your eyes. They are also much cheaper. But the best thing about these is that they are natural and safest. Most of these remedies have been used for ages, by people who have experienced the results first hand.

Dark Circles Home remedies for eyes Reduce dark circle under eyes The natural beauty of our face appears flawless when we don’t take steps for removing dark under eye circles at appropriate times. When there are bags under your eyes, the appearance of the eye makes your skin look pale and the iris looks black. So if you don’t take steps for removing those dark circles at the right time, the appearance of your skin will be pale. To make it darker, use cold milk daily and apply a cream made of chickweed or red onion to it.

Cucumber Home remedies

For tired eyes Cucumber is one of those home remedies for tired eyes, which has proven to be useful for many generations. Apply chilled cucumber on the dry eye area and leave it there for around 15 minutes before washing it away with cold water. This will help in reducing the inflammation in the eye area and reduce the bags. Cucumber helps in improving the circulation in the eye region, which is essential for the removal of dark bags under your eyes.

Sliced cucumbers The cooling property of cucumber improves the condition of your eyes by refreshing it and relaxing it. Also the slices of cucumber will soften the skin under your eyes and make the puffiness subside. Simply place two to three slices of cucumber on your eyes and gently massage it for about five minutes. You can wash the slices off your face with cool water. Repeating this procedure every day will slowly reduce the puffiness and fine lines.

vitamin A and C which are beneficial in reducing eye wrinkles

Vitamin juice Another good home remedy for tired eyes is the intake of vitamin juice. Vitamin juice is very effective in improving the elasticity and firmness of your eyes. Consume carrot juice or orange juice daily as it contains a good amount of vitamin A and C which are beneficial in reducing eye wrinkles.

Make a poultice with honey and salt Put two to three slices of avocado on your face and wash them off with cool water. Rinse the avocado with warm water and apply it all over your face and especially under your eyes for about five minutes before gently wiping it off. Dry the avoices completely. Repeat this procedure every day for better results. This home remedy for tired eyes will ensure that you have soft & fine skin without any wrinkles in your eye region.

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