Inspiration For Your Design

When you are looking for inspiration it can sometimes be hard to know where to start. Sometimes you have been given a direction and requirements from the client and other times you get a clean slate. I love starting a design from new the clean blank canvas but every so often I go completely blank and struggle to get anything down and out of out mind to give me a tangible place to start. So where do I find my inspiration for design, I use all kinds of ways to generate ideas:-

CSS Galleries

Are a great place to start and really generate some ideas, you can sort by color, design styles including dark and different layouts. Usually, I see something that catches my eye. I did a quick search today and found this design.


I really like this design its clean, fresh and although has the standard navigation has elements that allow the user to interact with the site in a fun way with the navigation around the tree and the featured projects.


I love sites that show graffiti art always surprises me as it proves that you can be creative in even the most unusual places.  Graffiti art is not always appreciated by everyone but I think that you should take a look and judge for yourself.


Design Blogs

Design blogs are a great way to get ideas and create something that you like, taking ideas and design tips are not only a great way to improve your designs but you also come across ideas that you can run with and create something more in line with your design and how you want it to work.  I recently came across a great light effect that I have used on one of my designs which looks great.

There is plenty of places to take inspiration from, where do you get yours?

Web Design And Its Importance In The Perception Of Website Integrity

Web design is not only vital necessity of modern world, but also fun and amazing experience. After all, your own website is not just an additional opportunity to promote your product or describe your services, but it is also an element of your prestige. Website with a beautiful interface and informative content can improve your professional ranking and add to your profile in the eyes of colleagues, customers, partners, and friends. World of websites is diverse. You have to choose its appearance depending on the original purpose of web site creating. You should think commercial site design thoroughly to the smallest details as it should promote your products. Experienced professionals in the field of web design will help you to manage this problem as they have studied market needs and preferences of users.

Web design and its importance

Web design is the initial step in web site creating. A web designer is a person creating the basis of future site, which includes the design of the web pages logical structure, selection of the most convenient solutions for information presentation, and of course, web designer makes web project interface appearance. Web design is considered to be the most responsible stage in the whole website creating the process because at this stage key site elements are formed, which serve a foundation for additional elements formation, and help to highlight main points of the page, which in turn entice visitors to a particular kind of action. Website design can be compared to a book cover. Typically, the cover forms the first impression and opinion about the book, and then either there is a desire to take it and look through or to leave it on the shelf.

The proper cover is designed especially for this book potential consumer and only true professional is able to develop such unique design. The same situation is in the field of web design, only true professional in this sphere can create a web design that will keep harmony with website theme and still have a user-logical structure of web pages. As in any other sphere, there are not too many professionals in the sphere of web design, as a rule, they do not need advertising, their work speaks for itself. Services of professional web designers are rather expensive, but the work is done exceed the costs paid for it. In fact, web site design depends on desires and opportunities of customers: somebody likes a template design, while others like exclusive design only.

The main task of any website design is to inspire visitors to trust a company, the quality of its goods and services while maintaining corporate culture and identity and company’s positioning on the market. Website design and its construction combine a variety of nuances that needed to be taken into account in the process of website development. Web design also influences website promotion opportunities greatly.

4 Tips for Web Designers to Improve Their Content Quality

Honing your talents as a web designer takes a lot of time and effort. So, it often happens that other skills might be a bit underdeveloped. It only makes sense that if you spend all of your time learning how to web design that you might not be as talented at writing content. Fortunately, there are a few easy things you can do to improve.


Keep It Original

It might be tempting to copy content from other sources heavily or to repeat similar things to what you’ve done in the past, but the Internet is particularly unforgiving of this approach to content. The word that’s bandied about the Internet rather regularly is “evergreen,” which means that your content should be as fresh and new as possible. It’s obviously fine to steal ideas, but you need to add enough of your own spin to it to make sure that it’s original and new.

Keep Trying

It can be intimidating at first to just start writing content in a field that you aren’t familiar with. But writing about it more is likely how you’ll end up more familiar with it in the first place. The expression “fake it until you make it” applies here. You can write in a general way about the topic in the beginning until you are more comfortable with it. Even common sense writing about a topic can be useful to outsiders who haven’t spent more than 3 seconds thinking about their topic before. Even just basic ideas and simple links can be very valuable to the casual browser on the Internet. It will save them time when it comes to searching around.

Watch the Errors

Since there are so many other web designers all trying to show off their skills, it’s important to be careful about any kind of spelling errors in your site. Many potential employers will judge your site for little things like this due to the fact that they need a simple rubric for choosing between one designer and another. This means that it’s definitely worth not only reading your own work to yourself out loud to make sure there’s nothing glaring in it, but also getting someone else to read it for you as well. You can also use tools like After Deadline to help with this process. Live spellcheckers will underline things that you write in Internet field as you write them. It can make your life a lot easier overall.

Write What You Know and Share It

Since your advantage e is that you’re a web designer, it makes a lot of good sense to use this advantage as much as you can. Whenever you can communicate ideas visually, it’s worthwhile to go for it in order to show off your skills. After you use a website maker or other tool to finish up the site, it’s also useful to share it with others. The more visibility your site has and the more successful it appears, the more impressive it will seem to people looking in on it. If you create tutorials and other visual pieces on your site this will also be effective since visual pieces are often highly shareable and they will be more likely to garner a lot of extra visibility.

Overall, it’s important to make sure you don’t neglect the writing side of your website since content really does matter on the Internet. And if you can add great content go along with your great visual setup and design on your site it will go that much further.